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no ill-feeling, I invited his followers to spend the night in my camp, and return to their own village in the morning. During the night I heard an awful row, and, rushing out

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to see what had happened, I found 142 that the two parties of natives had been sitting round the fire, drinking njoi, and having imbibed too freely, had started their quarrels a

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ll over again. The old men of the village were fighting with the chief I had brought in, who was defending himself with the flat of his sword. My appearance speed



ily put an end to the disturbance, and, taking the chief into my own quarters, I ordered my men not to allow any one to go near him. No further trouble occurred dur

ing the night, and the following morning the chief returned with his own people to their village. We parted the best of friends, and for the remainder of my stay in the country he was one of my best men. Having re-established my influence, I was able to continue my trading, and collected large quantities of food, which I took down from time to time to Naiva


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